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Like This or Like That

How we perceive our environment and how it affects us has been studied for centuries. From the ancient art of Feng Shui, to the study of architectural phenomenology from the early 1950s, trying to understand how we physically and emotionally connect with a space is no new concept. From light and shadows, to object placement, materials, colors and accessories, even the tiniest aspect of a room’s design can affect how we feel. To demonstrate, we’ve used the pCon.planner to show how the same piece of furniture can fit into two entirely different settings, one cozy and calming and the other airy and light, by simply changing aspects like color and materials.
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HDRI as a Light Source – Atmospheric Renderings

HDRI als Lichtquelle

What is it exactly in an image that speaks to our emotions? The setting, sure, but that can be interpreted in so many different ways. Why do we feel such a connection with some images, and less with others?

It may not be the answer for everything, but it’s no questions that there is usually one key factor: LIGHT.


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Illumination Made Easy – New Ambient Lighting in pCon.planner 7.3

Lighting can be tricky. Not enough and your design looks dull and dreary, too much and it’s painful to look at. That’s not to mention the essential role it plays in the overall feel and look of the plan. And with such a vital element, we’re not taking any chances. It’s out with the old lighting, and in with the new!

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Lighten Up With Artemide

Image Source: http://www.artemide.com/home/index.action

When you’re planning a room and finally deciding how to furnish it, what comes to mind first? We know sometimes this task is not as easy as it sounds. But maybe we can shine some light on the problem. more…

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Using Lights to Set a Scene

Using Lights to Set a Scene

Imagine yourself sitting by the fire on a winter afternoon, cup of tea in hand and the sunlight reflecting off the snow and in through the window. It may be cold outside, but the warmth of the rays blanketing the room suggests a much cozier atmosphere.


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