New to the pCon product library: ARCCHIO

Configurable data from Arcchio are now available to the pCon Community. As a member of the community, you apply for the data directly via your manufacturer selection. You are not yet in the community? Learn here how to become a member today. In the following you can read how the manufacturer of lighting solutions engineered & designed in Germany presents itself.

Light is the elementary component of life. It enables us all to enjoy and feel the world around us, influencing our moods and helping to shape the private and professional spaces enjoy – everyday. We spend so much of our time sharing commercial spaces, it’s important that the light we chose is right for our environment.

We at Arcchio offer lighting solutions engineered & designed in Germany – to illuminate economically used rooms of any size in a sustainable way. We pride ourselves on high standards of design and construction combined with quality materials that have helped to build the confidence and trust that our customers value. However, today’s energy hungry world demands more. Our expert team ensures that our lighting technology delivers the perfect light with sustainable benefits for any environment.

We spend many hours of our lives in commercial environments. Therefore it is even more important that these spaces help us to live and work comfortably and effectively. Our experienced engineers ensure that our luminaires and lamps not only blend aesthetically into any environment, but also support the well-being of our employees. Our lamps, developed and designed in Germany, offer the perfect solution.

>> Request the data from ARCCHIO here.

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