New to the pCon community: Deblick

Configurable data from Deblick are now available to the pCon community. Log in to your pCon.login Account to request the OFML data of the company. Below you can find some information how the Dutch manufacturer of acoustic products, lighting and office accessories presents itself.

Workplaces should be crafted to bring the best out of you. Places that energize, bring focus, and relax. Where you feel comfy, and homey – and ready for work. Places that make you ask why home is not more like the office.

Deblick is dedicated to create office wellbeing through the finest quality and acoustics products. Highest specs married to best design, locally produced with sustainability and durability in mind. Our products are found in schools, businesses, institutions, and government buildings all over Europe.

Since our foundation in 2008, Deblick has become known for beautiful and high-quality innovations in light and acoustics. In-house R&D, design, and production capabilities warrant full control over our product portfolio- and the flexibility to deliver ‘made to measure’. It also allows us to work from a human wellbeing focus, because where you work is where you spend a large part of your life.

>> Request Deblick OMFL data here via pCon.login.

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