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Introducing Slalom

Image: Slalom

Image: Slalom

Design. Sustainability. Comfort. Slalom Acoustic & partition systems is a leading Italian company founded in 2011 in Milan and operating in the acoustics field.

Creating acoustic-sound absorbing products able to guarantee a safe acoustic comfort together with a design unique in its kind, the company offers a wide range of solutions ranging from panels and wall-coverings to design furniture, micro-architectures and integration with lighting systems.

Image: Slalom

Image: Slalom

The peculiar characteristic of Slalom is the sustainable approach to the project, from the choice of raw materials, recycled and recyclable, to the production and management process of products with reduced environmental impact.

This passion for design and quality has given life to a range of dynamic and lively tailor-made products that arise from the synergy between acoustics, ethics and aesthetics, favoring the creation of comfortable spaces.

The wide selection of proposed materials and attention to details comes to life from the careful choice of traceable raw materials with a high recycled content, part of a circular design that constantly invests in functionality, durability and recycling. Every fabric, felt and color are chosen to communicate an attitude and an emotion that stimulate all the senses, creating intense atmospheres.

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