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Introducing JENSENplus

Image: JENSENplus

Image: JENSENplus

We have been dedicated to producing Danish office furniture since 1970. A profound passion for Nordic design, solid craftsmanship and honest materials.

We have a natural commitment to creating Nordic, unique furniture. Products, which naturally distances far-east produced furniture in non-sustainable materials with huge carbon footprint and with a shorter life time.

Image: JENSENplus

Image: JENSENplus

All our products and parts are locally manufactured, none of them contains plastic, and all have a calculated CO2-value for carbon footprint.

The experimental way of thinking is the reason why we today are capable of delivering design that works, that surprise and expands the viewers idea of how a furniture can and should look. Our open mind, entrepreneurship and dynamic approach makes us capable of turning costumers and architects wants and needs into customized furniture.

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