pCon.facts – Update brings improved workflow

The new version of the digital product catalog pCon.facts comes with an improved sleek GUI and navigation.

New in pCon.facts 3.0

All Settings and lists in one place

Your new home base: You will now find your lists, list settings, and general apps settings all in one place.

Start in your Catalog Overview

The focus of the application is – more clearly than ever – on the quick retrieval of product information: You now start directly in the overview of your catalogs and navigate to products and the associated information and configuration options without any further ado.

Current Favorites front and center

As before, you can save suitable products on a list by tapping the shopping cart button. The shopping cart icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the display takes you to your active watch list. Here you can see the currently bookmarked products, edit them and create and share documents.

With the new “Clear list” feature, you can make room for new products on the watchlist with just one tap.

Improved bottom bar navigation

Navigate intuitively within the app with the new bottom bar. Quickly go from your Catalogs to your active Favorites to your Lists and Settings area.

You don’t have pCon.facts installed yet? Download it on your app store!

Sales app pCon.facts for iPhone: download from Apple App Store Sales app pCon.facts for Android: download from Google Play

The digital product catalog pCon.facts is the all-rounder app for your sales team: Extensive product information such as prices, pictures and product brochures are always at hand. All that combined with impressive real-time configuration and augmented reality features, make pCon.facts a key resource for your sales team

Go to https://pCon-solutions.com/facts for more information.

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