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Setting Ground for Customer Solutions – Floor Plans in pCon.box

Functionality is likely the most important aspect when it comes to office and contract furnishing. It indicates the availability of workspace and the zoning of office environments as well as features like lighting and room acoustics. But it also answers the seemingly trivial question that should be at the center of every plan: Does the desired product fit in the existing space?


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Appdate Alert! Introducing the New pCon.box

Mobile OFML, expert advice.
Plan spaces, present solutions – and all that where the action takes place: at the point of sale. With the pCon.box, you can configure, present and share your product solutions at the touch of a button, plus have all the article information you need directly on your tablet or smartphone. The focus here: successful customer communication.


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Appdate! New Version of pCon.box Available

Put together typicals, create settings, and inspire customers. The best impression at the Point of Sale is a question of charisma and the right tools. One you already have with you, the other you can carry on your smartphone or tablet – as long as you’ve downloaded the pCon.box, of course! ;)
Appdate! pCon.box Update Available

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A Present Ready to be Unwrapped!

It’s not yet Christmas, but we’ve already wrapped a beautiful present. Anticipation is allowed, but you’ll have to wait one more week to open it! Who’s it for and who does it serve, you ask? It’s for those who feel at home at the point of sale!

A Present Ready to be Unwrapped! sales presentation pCon.box app

Emotions sell better. Unlike online, face-to-face business gives you direct contact to the customer. A direct dialog helps create a personal connection and brings with it advantages that other forms of business communications are denied. Being able to negotiate with real people broadens perspectives, as it allows you to quickly respond, adapt, suggest alternatives, and to constantly give the customer the feeling that you are working together to find a solution. This creates trust. And since we as humans use our emotions to make decisions, while simultaneously looking for rational arguments, emotional highlights also require reliable information.


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