pCon Cloud Services: AR Experiences for Online Shops

Gathering information, examining variants, ordering products – more and more phases of the purchasing process are taking place online and the demands of customers on the online shopping experience are increasing. It is important to create experience landscapes that guide customers and interested parties through the decision-making process and, at the same time, strengthen customer loyalty by placing highlights throughout the process that make online shopping an experience customers want to come back to. This goes for the interior industry in particular, as decisions in that area are oftentimes big scale – on more than one level. An attractive solution for this challenge is Augmented Reality, as the possibility of bringing articles from the online world into the real world offers more than just one added value to online shops offering interior objects. Not only does it serve the customer’s urge to experience, with every move and turn of the life-size product, it is evaluated whether this armchair or that table fits into the room and goes with the rest of the furnishing. The result: the customer makes sure that the item fits even before the new piece of furniture has arrived at their place in reality, return rates are reduced, and overall, customer satisfaction will increase sustainably.

AR Experience with pCon: At the touch of a button, online shoppers can place individually configured items in the room, explore the furniture and find the right pieces for their own four walls.

AR Experience with pCon Cloud Services

pCon Cloud Services offer quickly implementable solutions for the realization of a user-centered online shopping experience, that integrate pCon data seamlessly into your website. Customers and prospects can configure all available product variants, including 3D real-time product display. If the website is visited with an iPhone or iPad, the small AR symbol above the 3D view invites customers to try out the product on their own premises: At the touch of a fingertip, customers and prospects can place the individually configured items in the room, explore the furniture and find the right pieces for their own four walls.

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