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Located at the margin of the Thuringian Forest, Ilmenau is known as a site for activity holidays. Accordingly, the town offers a variety of hotels and boardinghouses. You can find an overview of accommodations here.

Travel by car

Ilmenau is within easy reach from the autobahn. Coming from Erfurt, take the A71 in the direction of Schweinfurt. Leave the autobahn at Ilmenau-Ost exit. Coming from Schweinfurt, head north and use the exit Ilmenau-West.

After passing the city limits of Ilmenau, follow the signs toward Ilmenau University of Technology. At the margins of the campus, not far from university canteen, you will find the EasternGraphics building. Parking lots can be found directly in front of our building.

Travel by train

From Erfurt, it will take you an hour of journey time through the Thuringian Basin to Ilmenau. Coming from Saalfeld or Schweinfurt, you can change trains in Arnstadt.

At Ilmenau railroad station, you can change from train to taxi in order to get to EasternGraphics. Our head office also is in easy walking distance from the railroad station: It will take about ten minutes to get to EasternGraphics.

Travel by airplane

If you want to travel by airplane, we recommend the international airports of Halle/Leipzig (about 1h 45min to Ilmenau by car) or Frankfurt (about 2h 30min to Ilmenau by car) as airports of arrival. Erfurt airport, as the one closest to Ilmenau, only has a few regular flights during vacation season.

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