Watch and Learn: Basics of navigation with mouse and keyboard in pCon.planner

Welcome to our latest tutorial video, which explains the basic techniques for navigating in pCon.planner using the mouse and keyboard. Why is it important to navigate quickly and efficiently? Smooth navigation is the backbone of an effective workflow. By mastering the basics of navigation, you can easily move through your project, change views and implement your designs with precision. 

In this video, we’ll cover basic navigation techniques using the mouse and keyboard. First, we’ll show you how to rotate, pan and zoom with the mouse wheel in the workspace. These fundamental functions are crucial for viewing your design from different angles and precisely position details. 

We will also show you how to navigate in a room plan using the keyboard and “WASD” as well as the arrow keys. This enables you to find the optimum viewing angle for the design, even in confined spaces. 

Finally, we present some tips and alternative navigation methods in the video. We show you how you can navigate around in pCon.planner without a mouse on your laptop. Watch the video by clicking on the image below: 

For more questions or to dive deeper into topics, visit our Help Center. There you will find comprehensive information on all functions in pCon.planner.

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