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Midj: Contemporary Style with Timeless Italian Artisanship

Image: MIDJ

Image: MIDJ

Welcome to the pCon community’s latest addition, Midj, a hallmark of Italian design since 1987. For interior designers seeking a blend of artistry and functionality, Midj offers an inspiring array of options.

Founded in Cordovado by Paolo Vernier, Midj has wisely combined design and the art of shaping raw materials with the creation of custom-made furnishing components, to highlight modernity and elegance in any environment.

From the development of the design to the industrialization, each stage of production is scrupulously followed by master craftsmen of metal, wood, hide, and plastics, to combine craftsmanship, creativity and technology in furnishing elements aimed at the highest quality and durable.

Image: MIDJ

Image: MIDJ

Customizable Elegance for Every Space

Renowned for its extensive range of customizable options, Midj caters to diverse design needs, from intimate cafes to corporate offices. Collections like Stack and Pippi showcase a variety of styles, colors, and materials, allowing designers to tailor each piece to their unique project vision.

From the sleek lines of their chairs to the functional elegance of coat hangers, and from the inviting allure of their tables to the comfort of their armchairs, each Midj product embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship. These creations are distinguished by their soft, refined designs, seamlessly blending into both public and private spaces.

Midj’s furniture, featured in various spaces from contemporary homes to public areas, exemplifies their versatility. Their real-world design applications serve as a rich source of inspiration for your next project. Discover some of their standout designs in projects across the globe at Midj’s Projects.

Image: MIDJ

Image: MIDJ

Sustainable Choices for Conscious Designing

Midj’s dedication to sustainability stands out, with their commitment to using high-quality, long-lasting materials. This approach not only promises durability but also aligns with modern sustainable practices, meeting the increasing demand for eco-friendly interior design options.

Midj validates their philosophy with certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and a focus on reducing consumption and pollution.

Image: MIDJ

Image: MIDJ

Streamlining Design Processes with Midj’s Configurable Data

Embracing digital transformation, Midj now offers configurable data within the pCon community, enhancing their unique Italian elegance with technological advancements.

The configurable data includes detailed specifications of Midj’s products, such as dimensions, materials, colors, design variations and list prices. Interior designers and architects can use this configurable data to create professional and personalized designs and quotations by integrating Midj’s furniture into their project plans, allowing for accurate visualizations and efficient space planning.

In the initial release you’ll find the following product collection:

  • Apelle: This collection by Beatriz Sempere combines soft shapes with a modern-classic aesthetic. It includes a diverse range of furniture such as chairs, armchairs, and tables, crafted from metal and leather.
  • Calla: Fabrizio Batoni’s design, inspired by flower petals, features chairs and armchairs with soft lines.
  • Joe: Reflecting the 1970s spirit with a modern touch, this collection offers a fusion of wood, fabric, steel, and leather. It includes chairs and stools.
  • Dalia: Beatriz Sempere’s design, drawing from dahlia flowers, is known for its elegant and unobtrusive style. The collection includes versatile chairs, armchairs, and stools with various base and backrest options.
  • Lea: Paolo Vernier’s creation, marked by its timeless elegance, features a refined design blending classic and contemporary elements. The collection includes chairs, armchairs, and tables, showcasing a mix of materials and finishes.
  • Stack: A design by Martini & Dall’Agnol, this collection stands out for its innovative and functional chairs, offering diverse material options and a unique stacking design.
  • Clessidra: Designed by Paolo Vernier, this collection features hourglass-inspired tables with a mix of metal and wood bases, offering tops in crystal ceramic, marble, or wood. It has been recognized for its elegant design in various awards.
  • Plissé: Paola Navone’s 2022 design of tables pays homage to 50s and 60s fashion. With a pleated base, this collection is versatile, suitable for homes and hospitality, and offers dining, bistro, and bar table options.
Image: MIDJ

Image: MIDJ

The Power of Precision and Personalization

Midj’s integration into the pCon applications empowers interior designers with tools for precise visualization, streamlined quotation generation, and enhanced collaboration. This integration not only elevates the efficiency of design projects but also enriches the client experience, demonstrating Midj’s commitment to delivering precision and personalization.

Professional interior designers will reap multiple benefits from Midj configurable data in pCon:

  • Intuitive Design Visualization: Designers can precisely arrange furniture in virtual environments, fine-tuning dimensions, and layouts for optimal spatial harmony.
  • Efficient Quotation Process: The software streamlines quote generation, ensuring each configuration reflects accurate pricing, facilitating client budgeting.
  • Collaboration Made Easy: Enhancing team and client collaborations, the platform simplifies design sharing, encouraging more effective communication and cohesive project results.

These features contribute to a streamlined, accurate, and client-centric approach in interior design projects, enhancing both the design and quoting processes for heightened efficiency and effectiveness.

Image: MIDJ

Image: MIDJ

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