Update for pCon.basket

The online CPQ software pCon.basket PRO and pCon.basket CE, the free community tool for creating article lists online, and the version for integration have received an update.

Find an overview of the new features below.
More detailed information can be found in the What’s new document and in the online help of pCon.basket.

Learn more about the most important new features of the pCon.basket update in this video. You will be redirected to YouTube when clicking on the image.


New Layout (Pro / CE / Integration)

The newly implemented arrangement of the project information on the cover sheet of the reports makes it easier to capture the most important project information.

Templates (Pro / Integration)

With pCon.basket Online 2.9, creating reports will become more intuitive. You can now choose from a wider range of templates, each tailored to fit specific areas of application – Quote or Article Overview. Additionally, the old default template  pCon.basket Standard Quote will be available until Fall 2023.
Of course, you can still adapt the templates to make them your own or use your custom reports.

Image Size for Folder and Set Article (Pro / Integration)

To lay out reports the way they best fit your needs, you can now choose to display Set Article Images in full width on your articles lists, synchronizing the behavior of Folder and Set Article Images. Additionally, the option to display a full-width image is no longer enabled globally in the form options. Instead, it can be set individually on the respective element.

Handling of Sub Items for Set Article (Pro / Integration)

The new templates let you decide whether to show the sub-positions for each article included in a set article.


pCon.basket 2.9 comes with new functions that have been added to the underlying calculation scheme.

Sales Calculation with hidden Discounts (Pro / Integration)

In the sales calculations at article level, a percentage and an absolute discount line are now available, which will not be shown on the offer, but will impact the gross value.

Adding more Calculation Lines (Pro / CE / Integration)

You can now add additional calculation lines at both header and article levels. Giving you the freedom to use pCon.basket even more flexible.
Users of pCon.basket Pro, CE, and the integration version can add up to two percentage and absolute discounts to the header calculation.
Additionally, users of pCon.basket Pro and the integration version can add up to two percentage and absolute discounts for the purchase calculation and up to three percentage and absolute discounts for the sales calculation at article level.


Centralized Management of Header and Footer Texts (Pro / CE / Integration)

With this release, you can manage text blocks for header and footer sections organization-wide for a pCon.login organization. The texts will be managed by the administrator of your pCon.login organization (via pCon.basket Online start page/Manage Text Block).

OEX: Transfer of Customer Address Information (Pro / Integration)

From this update on, you have the option to transfer contact information in the Order (OEX) dialog. This includes the address of the person in charge as well as the customer’s information.

Article Management

High-resolution Material Preview Images (Pro / CE / Integration)

For now, this feature is especially interesting for manufacturers: this update of pCon.basket allows manufacturers to present product materials as high-resolution images, and in turn, allows customers and sales teams to get even more realistic digital previews of material structure and pattern. This makes the design and consulting process more straightforward and, in the end, satisfying.
By the way, beginning with the spring releases in 2023, this feature is also available in the other pCon online applications.

CAD Export (Pro / CE / Integration)

You can now directly download 3D models of an article when in the article view. Simply click on Download CAD-Model in the 3-dot menu and choose the file format you want to export.

Other new features

Hint when loading an OBK from the pCon.basket (offline) (Pro / CE / Integration)

To ensure higher process reliability, whenever loading an OBK from the pCon.basket (offline), a hint will be prompted, pointing out incompatibilities that might occur.

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