Copy articles from pCon.planner into pCon.basket

You design interior projects with the 3D room planner pCon.planner and create offers with pCon.basket? With the new functionality for easy copy-and-paste of articles from pCon.planner into pCon.basket, you can now transfer articles from the room planning program into the quotation tool within seconds.

Articles from pCon.planner (from version 8.8) can be pasted directly into your article list in OBX format. To do this, select the articles in pCon.planner. Via Copy > Article List or Ctrl + B, the articles are copied from pCon.planner to the clipboard. When in pCon.basket, simply use the key combination Ctrl + V and the copied articles will be added to the article list of your current project.

Interested in using pCon.basket?

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