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Introducing Ondarreta

Image: Ondarreta

Image: Ondarreta

Ondarreta is a family business that has been working in furniture design and the production of tables, chairs and stools, for both homes and contract projects since its foundation in 1977.

Everything started at Ondarreta beach in San Sebastian (Spain), a beach that keeps the secrets of those who summer in its waters and the roots of a carpentry workshop that was the beginning of a family history dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture. Today, 45 years later, Ondarreta has travelled from that small workshop near the beach to today, where it is available around the world.

Ondarreta makes furniture to bring people closer together, establish links and strengthen relationships. They want to prompt moments of connection, create new spaces and enrich old ones. Ondarreta wants to bring charm and comfort to meetings, gatherings and conversations; to be the support for those who write books, design posters, send emails, compose letters, enjoy meals, play harps and behold art.

Good design is not only about aesthetics, function, and satisfying the clients’ needs. Good design is also about maintaining high quality standards and guaranteeing that, at every step of the process, we care for raw materials and for the earth that provides them and that we work to add value to everyone who contributes to the process of bringing our products to life.

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