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A wide selection of sustainable chairs, sofas, seating systems and acoustic solutions from Rofa is now available for download in pCon.catalog. Read below to see how the Dutch manufacturer presents itself.

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Introducing Rofa

Image: Rofa

Image: Rofa

ROFA was launched in 1991. And it didn’t take long before we grabbed the lead. Since then, we have been a leading, internationally operating company that focuses on sustainable industrial upholstery. We work as a well-trained team together with our partners and take care of everything for them. We cover and invent, make and arrange it, from A to Z.

Innovation is in our fibres. We do everything we can to make our CO2 footprint even smaller than the 2 before. And we work completely energy neutral. Sustainability is the common thread through our company. It is emphatically reflected in re-upholstery, with which we give good furniture a long, happy new life. And in Moduplus, our modular seating system with minimal environmental impact. We also produce acoustic solutions for a wide variety of industries and spaces.

We do all this for airlines, concert halls, hospitals, schools and much more. Whatever your wishes are: we’ve got it covered!

Image: Rofa

Image: Rofa

Sustainability A good example of our sustainable working method is our Moduplus product line. Moduplus’ sustainable working method is apparent from research by INSIDE/INSIDE; the independent online platform that provides insight into how sustainable, circular and healthy an interior is. INSIDE/INSIDE has calculated that the ecological footprint of a Moduplus composite three-seater sofa is around three euros. By way of comparison: the footprint of a ‘normal’ sofa is easily more than a hundred euros.

Cradle to cradle At ROFA we carry a cradle to cradle fabric collection that is also fully biodegradable and a Second Nature fabric collection that is made from nettle fibres. And of course we have an extensive range of fabrics, all of which are ISO 14001 certified.

Download the models from Rofa via pCon.catalog.

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