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Introducing EMU

Image: EMU Group

Image: EMU Group

With its strong Italian roots, over over 70 years of history, EMU has developed an international awareness and interest that make its outside furniture collections suitable for every situation, in both the business and the private sector.

EMU’s love and care for the surrounding area and for the company has been continually handed down from generation to generation, from father to son. This feeling of fellowship has enabled it to preserve and perfect its craft. An aesthetically and physically long-lasting product has been one of the key elements to guarantee its sustainability.

Image: EMU Group

Image: EMU Group

EMU’s approach to the environment covers the entire life cycle of its products, from its use of 100% recyclable, fire-resistant materials, such as steel and aluminum, to its recycling and minimization of production waste and packaging materials.

The company manufactures at its plant in Marsciano, located in the center of Umbria. It has 150 employees and occupies over 100,000 m2, almost 50,000 of which are under cover. In addition, the 1,000 m2 Design&Simulation Centre is the project design center, created to boost research on the product and enhance its use in the indoor and outdoor environments it is intended for.

The company’s clients include over 1,000 retailers in 85 countries, operating in both the business and the private sectors. Every year over 400,000 items are produced using 2,300 tons of raw materials.

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