Update for pCon.basket PRO and CE

The online CPQ software pCon.basket PRO and pCon.basket CE, the free community tool for creating article lists online, have received an update.

That’s new

Overview: Summarize article lists

With the new version of pCon.basket, you can control the level of detail in which article lists will be displayed on reports: In addition to the previous standard, “Detailed” view, which lists all items below each other in separate positions, item lists can now also be “Summarized” and displayed as “Parts Lists” on the form.

If you select the “Summarized” view, identical articles are merged into one item, and the quantity information is adjusted accordingly. Identical base articles with different child articles are treated as different articles.

If you also want to combine these kinds of items in one position, select the view “Parts list (with hierarchy)”. The addition “with hierarchy” indicates that folders are taken into account as a hierarchical element – identical articles that are located in different folders are therefore not combined in one position.

Communication: add internal notes to articles

Special agreements, special requests, and additions to articles can now easily be added to the respective position by means of a note. “Internal notes” you deposit in the specially provided text field below the respective item description. The text comments are always available during the processing of the article list and are also saved in obk files – which makes them an ideal means for providing your team colleagues with additional information or for leaving yourself a reminder. The internal notes are not included in forms or exports.

Visualization: complement reports with screenshots

Show the configured article in individually created views in the article list: Thanks to the screenshot function, it’s as easy as pie. A click on the camera icon above the 3D view creates a screenshot of the current view and saves it to the “additional images” area. Display these images on the report to show the product from different angles.

Other new features

  • Enter article numbers directly
  • Backward calculation of subtotal lines to discounts/surcharges
  • Support of optional articles

Interested in using pCon.basket?

pCon.basket PRO and CE work with your pCon account. Take a look at pCon-solutions.com/basket for more information and to test pCon.basket PRO for 30 days free of charge.

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