More content in pCon – stronger in Sales: this is how Ecophon does it

Comprehensive consulting and far-sighted planning lead to satisfied customers: Having the right information at hand is key to success in furniture sales. Ecophon has recognized these advantages and provides extensive sales content in pCon applications, in addition to product data.

Image: Ecophon

Image: Ecophon

The manufacturer of acoustic ceilings, ceiling canopies, and wall panels took the update of their pCon data as a chance to provide sales content to users of pCon.planner PRO, pCon.facts, pCon.basket CE and PRO, as well as logged-in users.

Inspiring images, product videos, environmental and care information, and complete product brochures provide answers to the most critical questions about the product. Installation manuals and technical information – essential materials for responding to customer questions immediately and fact-based – add additional value to pCon users. A selection of inspiring product images is a welcome source of ideas for presentations.

All you need is a pCon.login account in order to use the data.

Do you want to know how you can provide your company’s PIM information to the pCon community? Contact us via email.

More about Ecophon

Ecophon produces and sells acoustic ceilings, ceiling sails, and wall panels to improve the acoustic working environment. We are particularly interested in offices and the complexity of administrative buildings. We provide not only the right solutions, but also a knowledge of standards, the human being in his characteristics and behaviour, and of course of the construction and renovation process itself. 

Request the data via the manufacturer selection in pCon.login. Are you not yet a member of the pCon Community? Find out how to join.

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