New to the pCon product library: Softrend

Configurable data from Softrend are now available to the pCon Community. Request the product data from the Estonian office and object furniture manufacturer via pCon.login and use them your pCon applications.

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Introducing Softrend

Image: Softrend

Image: Softrend

In a world where you are constantly disrupted at work, Softrend provides the space where to focus on the most important task at hand. Our furniture is for people who want to get things done.

The mission of our collection is to offer solutions for the main problems in open-plan offices: noise, lack of privacy, difficulty to focus. With our designs, we look for ways to create isolation in an open space without breaking up the layout. This way the space remains visually open but allows to create opportunities to separate its more private parts as needed.

Tailor-made furniture for offices and public spaces supports new ways of working, and thanks to its design and acoustic qualities it also helps to improve open-plan offices.

Softrend’s office collection was created in 2018 with a commitment to solving the problems of open-plan offices and today we are represented by 125 partners in 230 showrooms in 42 countries worldwide.

Softrend has decades of experience in producing upholstered furniture for the home and that is why we pay a lot of attention to design, comfort, and quality. All our furniture is produced in our own factory in Estonia.

Image: Softrend

Image: Softrend

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