New to the pCon product library: LoOok Industries

Configurable data from LoOok Industries are now available to the pCon Community. Request the product data of the office furniture via pCon.login and use them your pCon applications.

Request LoOoK data

LoOok Industries introduces itself

Image: LoOok Industries

Image: LoOok Industries

We are not furniture makers: we are storytellers. When designing a product, we want to give it a purpose, a place in this world, a part in a bigger narrative. LoOok was born to fight the norm. We are not here to blend in, we’re here to revive the everyday life. We want to give interior designers and architects fresh, new paints for their canvases, companies a chance to stand out with a glimpse of our Finnish design DNA.

We believe that all the things we surround ourselves with can have a story to tell. And it’s up to you to give the products a new meaning. Because in the end, the worth of a product is not in the name of who designed it, but in the stories you share with it. And we measure our worth as LoOok in the stories we get to share with you.

We always design products for a purpose and a narrative. And sure, we might not fit in with the conventional, but you know, what interesting thing ever does?

Request the data via the manufacturer selection in pCon.login. You are not yet a member of the pCon Community? Find out how to join.

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