New to the pCon product library: WEYEL mediasolutions

Configurable data from WEYEL mediasolutions are now available to the pCon Community. Request the product data of the German manufacturer of media and communication solutions via pCon.login and use them your pCon applications.

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WEYEL mediasolutions introduces itself

Image: WEYEL mediasolutions

Image: WEYEL mediasolutions

The media technology professional WEYEL, founded in 1996, has recognized the needs of customers and has specialized in complete solutions for conferences, digital presentations, information and sound systems with an all-round carefree guarantee.

“The world of work has changed. Video conferencing is a trend that has picked up speed significantly in recent months. It is our vision that video conferences or presentations work simply and can be carried out without the help of IT.”

Image: WEYEL mediasolutions

Image: WEYEL mediasolutions

“Try that! … is it working now?” Everyone has already experienced that audiovisual technology does not work, for example in a presentation or video conference. No wonder, because even experienced IT managers reach their limits in this area. Special knowledge is required when it comes to multimedia projects, digital signage, visitor information systems or the technical equipment of conference rooms.

WEYEL has this know-how. The WEYEL team not only knows and carries the right products and brands (e.g. BARCO Clickshare, SpinetiX and BOSE), but is also able to assess what meets the individual requirements of the customer. Because WEYEL is a consultant, solution developer, service provider, supplier and training center in one.

“We want to revolutionize the world of work and offer new workplace and conference room solutions that are unique on the market and simplify internal and external communication.”

In this way, the customer can be certain that “Try this!” is a thing of the past – because the user no longer has to deal with the wiring of various technical components.

Request the data via the manufacturer selection in pCon.login. You are not yet a member of the pCon Community? Find out how to join.

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