Double Update: New Versions of pCon.facts and

New versions of the pCon.facts are available for Android and iOS users. is available in a new version for users of the iOS and Windows app.

New features

pCon.facts users will be happy to hear that it is now possible to define project discounts. This improvement to the sales app allows you to add discounts as well as surcharges in percentage and number values that apply to the price of your project. This way, you can put discounts black on white (or white on black, if you are using the Dark Mode) and show your client what the real numbers are, directly at the point of sale. The aforementioned Dark Mode is now also available for you, if you use pCon.facts on Android.

With this update, the Dark Mode comes to as well. This update is available to iOS and Windows users.

You have not yet installed a pCon app?

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