pCon.basket CE: Sales Content is Key to Success

Having the right information available at the right time can make the difference between failure and success in sales. In pCon.basket CE (in pCon.box, pCon.facts and pCon.planner as well, by the way) you have access to a multitude of product information that goes beyond prices and variant information. The ideal addition to the powerful 3D configuration in the sales process!

Inspiring pictures and product videos provide impulses for new projects. Certificates give you a quick overview of the product’s fire protection and environmental information, for example. User instructions, product brochures, delivery time information and other details from the manufacturer provide everything you need to respond quickly and reliably to your customers’ inquiries.

And should any questions remain unanswered, you have a direct line to the right contact person at your supplier thanks to the provided contact data.

Give it a try: pCon.basket CE »

Would you like to learn how to make your company’s sales content available to the pCon community in the pCon.basket and other pCon applications?  Write us an email, we will be happy to advise you.

Find out more about the powerful online application at www.pcon-solutions.com/basket and in the coming weeks here on the blog.

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