New manufacturer available on pCon.catalog: Wendelbo Interiors A/S

A wide range of 3D data from Wendelbo Interiors A/S is now available to download via pCon.catalog. Read below how the Danish manufacturer of sofas, chairs, tables and various living furniture presents itself:

Image: Wendelbo Interiors A/S

Image: Wendelbo Interiors A/S

Wendelbo has nurtured a Scandinavian craftsmanship tradition across three generations, and given life to innovative and classic designs, set in a modern and contemporary context. From the very start in 1955, our goal has been to develop and produce furniture with a strong visual identity, optimal function and comfort – all the while with an eye for the small details that make a big difference.

Wendelbo’s product palette is expressive and comprehensive and can, because of that, be incorporated into any interior setting – whether it be a private home, where style, function and comfort are the focus – or in public settings, where the emphasis is on a strong and striking signature, an international expression and long-lasting solutions. With a keen sense of current trends and of life as it is lived at home, in the workplace or wherever people get together, Wendelbo offers characteristic furniture with a clear identity and effortless comfort.

We never compromise on quality and set high standards for our factory. We are driven by a strong passion for design and are of the conviction that a long-lasting aesthetic is the best path to sustainability.

Download the Wendelbo Interior A/S models in the pCon.catalog now!

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