Now Available on pCon.catalog: Bejot

A wide range of configurable 3D data from Bejot is now available to download via pCon.catalog. In the following you can read how the polish manufacturer of furniture for office, object and acoustics presents itself:

The Bejot factory was established almost 30 years ago. At the beginning it was a small carpentry workshop, which with time transformed into one of the largest factories producing office furniture in Poland, currently employing about 220 people. From the very beginning, Bejot is a family company owned and operated by Dariusz Wilk.

Bejot is one of the leaders in the Polish furniture industry, but it is worth emphasizing that almost fifty percent of the production is carried out on export markets. This result the Bejot factory owes mainly to very well developed acoustic solutions or an innovative approach to the issue of the office and the role of an employee in the office space.

Bejot is primarily experience combined with an innovative approach to the product, but also taking care of the smallest detail. It is hundreds of hours spent on designing, consulting and testing each element as well as an uncompromising approach to choosing raw materials that guarantee the best quality. The knowledge accumulated over the years has allowed the acquisition of unique know-how and the creation of concepts such as Green Park Office, which are the essence of Bejot.

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