Norwegian craftsmanship from Hjelle now available at pCon.catalog

It is 1940. Life along the Norwegian coast is hard. Between deep fjords and majestic mountains lies the small village Sykkylven. Farmers start to build furniture in barns and cellars to provide a livelihood. Among them is Lars Karl Hjelle. He has the desire to create jobs and in the middle of this time he founds his own furniture factory LK Hjelle.

The Norwegian design icon “Model 711” by Hjelle. Image source:

Until today the family business, now in its third generation, produces furniture and sells it internationally. The Hjelle product range includes sofas, armchairs, small chairs and tables. In cooperation with young Norwegian and international designers like Hallgeir Homstvedt or Andersson & Voll, the pieces of Norwegian craftsmanship are created, which claim to be timeless and combine quality and durability.

Download the 3D models of Hjelle from the pCon.catalog portal now and use them in your room planning!

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The “Ugo” couch by Hjelle, which is supposed to look great from every angle. Image source:

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