Luminaires by Tobias Grau now available for pCon

Tobias Grau luminaires convince through aesthetic refinement and highest quality “Made in Germany”. Tobias Grau began his career as a freelance designer with focus on interior design in a loft in Hamburg in the mid 1980s. His fascination for light quickly became apparent in his projects, and he built his own special lamps with innovative halogen technology for the interior designs.

In 1987 he presented his first own lighting system to the public; in 1991 he achieved his international breakthrough with his first collection of luminaires. With this recognition behind him, the still young company established the most important features of its design: dynamic shapes, smooth surfaces and state-of-the-art technology.

Image: Tobias Grau

Image: Tobias Grau

Tobias Grau “Falling”. ©Tobias Grau

In recent years, LEDs have given Tobias Grau a completely new opportunity to create pioneering collections for the home, office and the architectural sector. These include models such as the iconic “Falling” hanging lamp or the highly functional “XT-A” office floodlight with their elegant, sculptural and minimalist designs.

Get inspired and configure the products of the Home Collection and Office Collection by Tobias Grau for room planning and offers in pCon.planner and in the apps and pCon.facts.

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