Miele PROFESSIONAL relies on pCon.planner

Miele is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment for commercial dishwashing, laboratories and products for the dental sector. Miele’s PROFESSIONAL product range offers laundry care technology which meets highest demands.

PROconcept, a professional journal for retirement and nursing homes recently reported on how Miele supports customers in realizing new projects relying onpCon.planner – an application playing a pivotal role in planning new laundries. Miele’s sales representatives use pCon.planner already at early stages of the project, i.e. when capturing dimensions and architectural details at a customer’s site. This way, customers get a first impression of how the laundry technology could be integrated into the existing environment. Naturally, alternatives of implementation can be visualized and explained on site. This is supported by virtual tours and flights which can be easily created using pCon.planner.

After meeting customers, the pCon.planner is used to integrate all data and information acquired by Miele’s sales representatives and to revise the initial plan taking into account all required details. The same application is accessed and utilized later on by architects and engineers at Miele’s headquarter in Gütersloh (Germany). The revised draft is then shown to the customer and further changes or new requirements can be implemented and visualized. This coordination between Miele and its customers – already from the early days of planning – helps to eventually achieve the best results possible.

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