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pCon.planner 8.0: Where did the sun go?

Some of our users have already noticed – when rendering with OSPRay, the “Sunlight” setting no longer exists. The good news: In pCon.planner 8.0, the sun doesn’t only shine in the rendering, but already illuminates rooms while planning.


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Pimp your presentation – but how?

Imagine having a design plan or product that is just simply perfect, and yet, you are not quite sure on how to present it…

Pimp your presentation! more…

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More depth in your planning – That’s how it works

Materials are the key… for an appealing, realistic and vivid planning. Especially in times of three-dimensional models, we are always aware of this. As we have already described, with a thorough planning of the space you will soon find that the right choice of colors and materials is crucial to make or break the design.


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Background Images: The Best View for your Plan

Background Images: The Best View for your Plan rendering OSPRay Background

How will my building look when it’s standing where it should? Once the interior of your plan is complete, this is a question you may be confronted with. Sometimes a skyline fits best in the background, other times a beach. In some cases a view of the actual location is in order. In any case and until now, the answer to the above question may have required several renderings before the before backdrop was found. With pCon.planner 7.4, things have changed!


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The Power of OSPRay: Realistic Renderings from Actiu

The Power of OSPRay: Realistic Renderings from Actiu rendering pCon.planner OSPRay

The latest version of pCon.planner most certainly packs a powerful render engine, and recent rendering examples from Actiu can speak to that!

The Spanish office furniture manufacturer continues to explore and utilize the full potential of pCon.planner, taking advantage of the customization possibilities of OSPRay to create the ideal lighting atmosphere for each rendering.


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Realistic Renderings with HDR Images – Video Tutorial

A sunset may never look as beautiful in a picture as it does in person, but with HDR images, we can get pretty close! With the power of capturing high dynamic ranges of light, HDRI light is the perfect tool … more…

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Images, Simple yet Better – Rendering in pCon.planner 7.3

Cleaned up and upgraded — that’s exactly what we’ve done with the rendering interface in the new version of pCon.planner. Finally there’s a tutorial on “new rendering” basics!

Enjoy watching! more…

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Brand-conscious? Incorporate your logo into your renderings

A great deal of time goes into a rendering. From the idea and planning to the completed image, you could end up spending hours, days or even weeks on such a project. Wired on coffee, highly concentrated and with a nervously-shaking foot, you shift tables and change light settings until finally… the finished product for your customer presentation or website shines on the monitor in all its glory. Now only one thing is missing: your logo.


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HDRI as a Light Source – Atmospheric Renderings

HDRI als Lichtquelle

What is it exactly in an image that speaks to our emotions? The setting, sure, but that can be interpreted in so many different ways. Why do we feel such a connection with some images, and less with others?

It may not be the answer for everything, but it’s no questions that there is usually one key factor: LIGHT.


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A Little More Background on Backgrounds

Foreground – background, background – foreground. What about it? It’s all about the planning, of course! In one of our previous blogs, we encouraged you to look beyond the walls, into the background. Now, to provide you a little more background into backgrounds, so to speak, we want to show you a new way you can give your plan that extra something.

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