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Manade: When ergonomics and planning are one

Manade has built up its identity from its search for ergonomic solutions and its willingness to listen to the market and implementing an efficient and sustainable industrial policy.


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Eco-friendly and timeless pieces – LAZZONI on pCon.catalog

Hunting for great quality furniture can feel like finding needle in a haystack. If you are into eco-friendly and timeless pieces, check out what LAZZONI has to offer. With over 100 years of experience, their sole aim in producing furniture with minimum effect to the environment remains unchanged.

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Walter Knoll – available on pCon

Walter Knoll was established back in 1865 in Stuttgart, Germany. The well-esteemed company gained recognition from its refined furniture targeted for offices and conferences, along with its elegantly designed sofas and other pieces used in the decoration of commercial spaces. The company has made their data available on pCon.catalog and provides its data in OFML format.

Walter Knoll on pCon

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3D Warehouse Issues – You Can Still Use the Models in pCon.planner

If you tried using 3D Warehouse from within the pCon.planner during the last few days, you might have experienced some trouble. In this article, we will explain what is behind the problems and provide you with instructions on how you can still use 3D Warehouse models in pCon.planner.
3D Warehouse in pCon.planner more…

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Handmade shelves from ATBO – available in the pCon.catalog

Download 3D models from ATBO
We all know that in order to excel at organizing your space and (mostly a lot of) stuff, we need the right items and tools to do it. For instance, you can’t simply organize without having shelves, am I correct? :D Then you should check out what ATBO has to offer.

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Modern Classics in Chrome and Wood: Furniture by Cosmoplan

Cosmosplan: Elegant and Colorful
High quality materials and a wide range of colors: The modular storage and desk systems by CBW Cosmoplan GmbH are timeless and modern. 3D models of Cosmoplan’s furniture is now available on pCon.catalog. more…

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Evergreens in pCon.catalog: Faux Plants from Tanaman

Plants are real miracle workers. They increase our wellbeing, our productivity, and can be quite the eye catchers – provided the location and care are right… For not so green thumbs, there is now a real alternative: faux plants from Tanaman.


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Bring your Design to Life with Materials and Textures

Bring your Design to Life with Materials and Textures space planning pCon.planner materials interior design interior decorating 3D models

Texture is all around us. From the smooth, yet subtle curves of an ebony wood coffee table, to a beautifully tiled mosaic floor, our world is full of materials and patterns that add depth and interest to our everyday surroundings. It should come as no surprise then that these materials, while sometimes overlooked, can make or break the feel of a space. And when it comes to room planning on a digital level, material is an absolute must if you’re looking to create a realistic experience for your viewers.


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Aarsland – Functionality Meets Style

Whether you’re in a classroom or at the office, sitting at your desk or working round the clock at a conference table, one thing’s for sure – you spend a great deal of time with the furniture you use. For this reason, it’s not only important that the equipment is adaptable and comfortable, but it should look good as well!

Aarsland 3D Models Officially Available in pCon.Catalog


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Kondator 3D models now available in pCon.catalog

Not only is Kondator looking out for and protecting the well-being of its customers, it’s going above and beyond to protect the environment as well. Thanks to a commitment for providing the highest-quality products while simultaneously living up to high environmental standards, the Swedish company has become a true leader in the world of office ergonomics.

Kondator AB models now available in pCon.catalog


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