Discover the new features in pCon.basket 2.12

Our online CPQ software pCon.basket PRO and pCon.basket CE, the free community tool for creating article lists, as well as the variant for integration have received an update. 

We would like to introduce you to the new features, which further improve order processing, working with price conditions and creating reports. More detailed information about the new features of version 2.12 can be found in this document and in the pCon.basket online help. 

Manage Price Conditions (PRO) 

The management of price conditions has moved from the general app settings to the dashboard of pCon.basket PRO. There is now the option to create different profiles for price conditions. Administrators of a pCon.login organization can define and manage price conditions globally for all users of the organization. Regardless of the authorizations in pCon.login, you as a user can create your own profiles for price conditions. 

You can also define internal and external price conditions per manufacturer or series for the purchase and sales price. The corresponding options can be found both on the dashboard and in the header data, where you can select created profiles for the current project. We will soon be publishing a detailed video tutorial on price conditions on YouTube and here on the blog. Don’t forget to check back regularly! 

Extended Options added for the Report 

We have added new functions to the Report tab to give you more flexibility in the creation process. With the new template “Product Comparison” you can compare up to three products per page. You can choose whether the logo should be printed on all pages, only on the first page or not at all. You can also format text in the footer by using indentation, bold, italics and underlining. 

In the new drop-down menu “Prices” you can control whether or not price information, variant prices, subtotals, discounts and taxes should be displayed in the report. 

Expanded Dialog for Exporting Orders (PRO + Integration) 

In order to better meet your requirements when exporting OEX orders, we have further refined the export dialog. You will now find additional OEX-compatible dialog fields for commission and additional agreements in the order data. In the delivery options, you have the option of storing dispatch notes in text form. A new function has also been implemented that allows you to save the main address as default. This eliminates the need to re-enter the main address for each export. 

Improved Search for Contacts and Addresses (PRO) 

Have you ever thought about using different addresses for the main address, delivery address and billing address in the header data of your project? Benefit now from the contact search in your contacts linked to Microsoft Office 365 for each of these address types. 


With version 2.12 of pCon.basket Online, we are providing another option for exporting your article lists. The new CSV export consists of a ZIP file with the following contents: Article_List.csv, Header_Calculation.csv and Header_Data.csv. The files are similar in structure and content to the worksheets in the Excel export. The CSV export offers you an additional option for transferring your projects to third-party systems. 

More Quote Languages thanks to Unicode 

Last but not least, all pCon applications support Unicode with the spring release. This significantly expands the number of languages supported in pCon.basket Online. 

Interested in using pCon.basket? 

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