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Hotel Odeon,
Odense, Denmark

Founded in 1943, Le Klint has established itself as a classic lighting manufacturer, directly emerging from the golden era of Danish design. The company is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and unique pleating technique, which make its products unmistakable.

Art Museum Brandts
Odense, Denmark
Hotel Nyborg Strand
Nyborg, Denmark

While deeply rooted in tradition, Le Klint has also positioned itself as a modern company, catering to both, the home lighting market and the professional sector. The introduction of Le Klint Pro further expands this commitment. This line includes both classic and brand-new designs specifically targeted at the project and hospitality market (such as hotels, restaurants, and conferences). Customers can choose from numerous color and material variations and even request custom-made options for both small and large projects.

Plivello Colour
Hotel Storebælt
Nyborg, Denmark

Le Klint’s customers demand sustainable, high-quality products, perfectly aligning with the company’s strategy and core values. Production remains in Denmark, primarily at their own facility in Odense, but also through strong national partners. Only high-quality materials designed for longevity are used, and most of their lamps are repairable.

Art Museum Brandts Odense, Denmark. Café Wiener Hase, Germany

Le Klint consciously avoids unnecessary technical gadgets that often have a limited lifespan. Instead, the focus is on durable and sustainable solutions, such as interchangeable light sources. This philosophy ensures that Le Klint’s products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and environmentally friendly.

The National Board of Social Services, Denmark

Le Klint Pro offers solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the project and hospitality market. This line allows the use of both classic and new designs that meet the high demands of these industries. Customers can choose from a wide variety of color and material combinations and even opt for individual customizations, making both small and large projects perfectly complemented.

North Atlantic House, Denmark

Le Klint adheres to the philosophy that quality and sustainability must go hand in hand. By keeping production in Denmark, the company not only supports the local economy but also ensures that the highest standards are maintained. The materials used are carefully selected and designed to retain their charm and functionality over many years.

RC Café & Patisserie. Stockholm, Sweden. Nelles Café, Odense Theatre, Denmark

Over the decades, Le Klint has become synonymous with excellent Danish design and unparalleled craftsmanship. With a clear focus on sustainability, quality, and innovation, the company remains not only relevant but also sets benchmarks in the lighting industry. Whether for private homes or professional use, Le Klint offers lighting solutions that are both aesthetically and functionally impressive, always keeping the environment in mind.

PWC, Odense Denmark

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