Watch and Learn: How to use Empty Screen Areas Effectively in Planning?

Have you ever thought of ways in which you as a planner can unleash the full potential of your concept and at the same time strengthen your client’s connection to your designs? In many office plans, monitors or TV screens are placed as functional elements, but their visual impact often goes unused. But what if these screens were not just technical tools, but dynamic canvases that could support your design and make your presentations stand out in front of the competition?

In our most recent video tutorial, we show you two simple ways to place your own content on screens in your office design. This could be your website, your logo or the client’s website, which creates an emotional connection to your design.

We explain step by step how you can copy and paste images into your planning and then position them in front of the monitor. Alternatively, we will show you how you can use the material editor to change the texturing of the screen area and insert your own image. Simply click on the following preview to watch the tutorial video:

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