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The wonderful pre-Christmas season has begun and we have prepared something to get you into the Christmas spirit. From the first to the third Advent, you will find tasty delicacies and international treats from our teams around the world. From savoury to sweet, from liquid to solid, there is something for every taste.

We hope you enjoy reading and trying them out!

Crumble Cake á la great-grandma Emma

Provided by Maxi from the Marketing Team Germany

 “This is my great-grandma Emma’s crumble cake recipe. I used to bake it with my grandma and I am very happy to share it with you today. This old family recipe is really delicious and just right for the sweet tooth.”

For the yeast dough: Whisk the yeast in a little lukewarm milk and pour into the centre of the flour. Once it has “risen”, mix in the other ingredients.

Melt the butter and work into the dough together with the lukewarm milk. The dough must now be left to rise (for at least 2-3 hours) and kneaded again and again.

Knead all the ingredients together! Knead for a long time and sweeten or not according to taste.

For the crumble: Mix all the dry ingredients together. Melt the butter and fold in. Knead the crumble dough with your hands.

Pour the dough onto a baking tray and then sprinkle with crumble.

Baking time: approx. 30-40 minutes in the middle of the oven at 180 degrees O/U.

Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar.

Vanilla crescents recipe

Provided by Bernd from the Planner Team Germany

“Our 16-year-old likes the biscuits so much that he even volunteers to help bake them.”

For the dough: Mix all the ingredients well and knead the dough thoroughly.

Wrap the dough in cling film and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

After some time, remove the dough from the fridge and knead well again. Dip your hands in flour beforehand. Now work the dough into rolls (approx. 4 cm in diameter). Then cut into approx. 1 – 2 cm thick slices. Shape the slices into croissants and place them on the baking tray with space between them.

Baking time: 175 degrees in a fan oven for approx. 10 – 15 minutes. They are done when they start to brown slightly at the edges.

Set the tray with the croissants aside to cool for a few minutes. In the meantime, mix some icing sugar and 1 sachet of vanilla sugar in a small bowl. Using a sieve, spread the sugar mixture over the vanilla crescents.

Winter almond honey

Provided by Antje from Human Resource Germany

“I used to spread honey on the biscuits with my grandma. But it also makes a great gift.”

For the honey: Roast the almonds in a pan without fat until until they smell tasty- then chop into small pieces.

Add the almond butter, honey and cinnamon and heat on a medium heat and stir.

Put the honey into screw-top jars and serve as a spread on bread or crêpes.

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