New to the pCon.catalog portal: BE WTR

A selection of functional and hygienic dispensers from BE WTR are now available for download in pCon.catalog. Read below to see how the Swiss company presents itself:

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Introducing BE WTR

Image: BE WTR

Image: BE WTR

BE WTR upgrades your tap water. Since 2017 we have disrupted the water business, taking on the war on single-use plastic bottles. With us, you get zero plastic, zero transport and no waste. Just unlimited filtered, still and sparkling water that quenches your thirst and hydrates better. Our designer taps and state-of-the-art water systems adorn homes, offices, hotels and restaurants throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Finally, you can place BE WTR in your design! There is a new gathering point in the office – the water corner! You can finally show your clients exactly how good it looks, both in the real world and now as 3D-rendering models here in pCon! This makes us the first water brand in the tool!

Image: BE WTR

Image: BE WTR

Many of our architects and design partners use us for different working environments. In offices, agencies or health and beauty clinics, they often prefer to place our sleek model PRO 1. In five-star restaurants, boutique hotels, cafés and canteens with high demand, the sturdy BAR 1 or automatic BAR 2 fit well. And for private homes, the FIZ 1 is a smart solution.

Thanks to our flexible range, we help you fit the design tap of your choice, with the machine capacity needed for the environment, you get a tailormade solution that fits your vision and the end customer’s needs.  And at the same time, you have done the planet a favour. Isn’t that a win-win-win?  Should you have any questions please visit our webpage. There you can read more or get in direct contact with one of our local offices. We are here to help!

Download the products from BE WTR in pCon.catalog.

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