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A selection of sustainable acoustic solutions from Akuart is now available for download in pCon.catalog. Read below to see how the Danish manufacturer presents itself:

See the products from Akuart in pCon.catalog

Introducing Akuart

Image: Akuart

Image: Akuart

AKUART was founded with the ambition to create extraordinary acoustic solutions with a strong visual appeal. Through a strong dedication to functionality, aesthetics and taking responsibility for the future we strive to make good acoustic design available to the largest possible audience. What started out as acoustic wall art has now developed into a full range of acoustic products / solutions with a changeable canvas, strong sustainability profile and extensive design options including photography, art, graphics, colors, textures, signage and more.

At Akuart, we are heartily guided by the values of sustainability and the principles of circularity to design acoustic solutions fit for the future! Our constant focus on innovation and functionality has always urged us to be curious, investigate new techniques, look to new materials and follow sustainable material development. We want to raise the bar within our industry and make the most of our creative and technical skills to take the lead in sustainable acoustic solutions. – not only because we believe this is the way to do business in the future, but because it makes us proud to know that we are doing our part in pushing for change.

Image: Akuart

Image: Akuart

Download the products from Akuart in pCon.catalog.

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