New to the pCon product library: Flexfurn

Configurable data from Flexfurn are now available to the pCon Community. Request the product data of the Belgian hospitality and event furniture manufacturer via pCon.login and use them your pCon applications.

Request Flexfurn product data via pCon.login

Introducing Flexfurn

Image: Flexfurn

Image: Flexfurn

It all started in 1997 with a company called ‘Europa 2000’, which was founded by Alex and James Verbeeck, father and son. They soon became the leading wholesaler of foldable and stackable furniture for the hospitality and events industry in Belgium.

As a result of their great success, they soon pushed back boundaries. They started by expanding their market to include Europe and the rest of the world. At the same time, they also began to design and produce their own products, called the XDesign collection. In 2013, Europa 2000 was renamed ‘Flexfurn’, a combination of two words that define their core business: Flexible furniture.

Flexfurn’s XDesign brand is exactly what our clients need to furnish and decorate an event, hospitality business or any other situation into a fashionable and stylish design: sleek lines, fresh colours and unique designs. Creating magical moments. Besides being an elegant and stylish design, the XDesign collection focusses on the stackability, stockability, assembly and disassembly of each specific furniture.

And the furniture is not only practical, most of our collections can be used in a very multifunctional way. Each product in our XDesign collection is inhouse designed and creates a surplus value to our clients in all kind of sectors, such as the hospitality and event sector, but also corporate businesses, sport clubs and so many more.

Image: Flexfurn

Image: Flexfurn

Starting from the end user, the product and service concept is converted into a product that meets various requirements. And by doing this Flexfurn’s core values are always taken into account: stackability, foldability, storage and achieving a unique design.

Image: Flexfurn

Image: Flexfurn

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