Update for pCon.basket PRO and CE

The online CPQ software pCon.basket PRO and pCon.basket CE, the free community tool for creating article lists online, have received an update.

pCon.basket Update: click to go to https://pcon-solutions.com/basket and get detailed informaion on the tool

For pCon.basket PRO users

Set pricing date

The new version of the CPQ tool makes it even more convenient to create quotations thanks to the option of setting the price date so that you can work with different price lists – either at header level for the entire project or for the individual configuration at article level.

Transparent text handling

The new organization of the properties dialog provides a better overview when editing article configurations and article texts: Transparently separated into individual tabs, you can now focus on either the configuration properties or the textual description of the article.

A small adjustment with a big effect: the new highlighting of articles with filled special model text makes it clear at a glance that articles must be treated separately in the ordering process. This ensures more efficient quotation processing, error prevention and, last but not least, increased customer satisfaction.

For pCon.basket PRO and CE users

Extensive support documentation in all languages

pCon.basket PRO and CE can be used online and collaboratively – even for teams in different countries. With this update, we have not only added new translations, we have also added an extensive help platform to the online tool, in all application languages. So that all country teams can quickly help themselves if they have any questions.

Preset camera views

Finding the right perspective is not always easy. In the new pCon.basket, you can therefore conveniently choose from preset 2D views in the article view. Of course, the proven 360° view is still available.

pCon.basket PRO and CE work with your pCon account. Take a look at pCon-solutions.com/basket for more information and to test pCon.basket PRO for 30 days.

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2 replies on “Update for pCon.basket PRO and CE

  • Maen

    Does pcon basket pro work with iPad or Mac book?
    If yes how can I download it.

    • Anna

      Hello Maen,

      Thank you for your request.

      pCon.basket PRO is an online tool that is optimized for usage on laptops and desktop computers and supports the following browsers:
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Google Chrome
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Apple Safari
      Additionally, WebGL needs to be enabled in your browser.

      If you interested in using pCon.basket PRO, please contact our sales team via this contact form.
      In case you want to test pCon.basket PRO free of charge for 30 days, please also use the contact form.

      Have a great day!
      Your pCon Team

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