New to the pCon product library: TANAMAN

Configurable data from TANAMAN are now available to the pCon Community. Request the product data of the manufacturer of artificial plants via pCon.login and use them your pCon applications.

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TANAMAN introduces itself



Tanaman specializes in artificial, semi-natural and stabilized plants for the development of office space, hotels and restaurants.



At Tanaman, we are convinced that an exceptional environment promotes blooming professional. That only nature can offer us such places, but the indoor possibilities are limited. This is why we reproduce it indoors with love and preserve it outdoors with respect.

We create illusion plants (more commonly called artificial plants) associate with each other, in quality pots, for professional spaces, not like at home, but like in the great outdoors, developing freedom, creativity and everyone’s spirit of adventure. Remarkable places that don’t need a plane ticket to explore.

We realize that it’s great to recreate extraordinary spaces in offices, but it’s worthless if we can’t protect the originals. This is why we have decided to be involved with Mother Nature through 2 associations: WeForest for the reforestation of spaces, Naturevolution to preserve and protect its beaches from plastic pollution and restore its corals, which are essential for biodiversity.

As a result, we offer plants that do not require maintenance, without destroying nature or the planet because through our commitments we have a positive carbon impact every year.

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