pCon.basket PRO is out now!

The PRO version of pCon.basket is now available!

Discover the future of quote creation in this powerful online application! With this newest addition to the pCon product portfolio, you upgrade your sales processes.
Enjoy pCon-familiar outstanding 3d product configuration, profit from powerful real-time price calculation, and benefit from streamlined sales processes. Overall resulting in lower turnaround time and higher customer satisfaction.

In pCon.basket PRO, you get all the features of pCon.basket CE and additionally:

  • Powerful real-time price calculation
    Profit from powerful real-time price calculation, taking into account purchase discounts, and sales discount,
  • Tailored article details and manual articles
    Sell what your customers need and showcase tailored solutions on your offers: Include individual product descriptions for standard articles or even add manual articles to your documents, including article number and descriptions.
  • Efficient generation of quotes and reports
    Optimize the quote creation process. Comfortably add the information you need to include, individually show or hide information on your documents and quickly add customer details thanks to the access to your Office 365 contact data.
  • EDI-readiness
    Generate proposals instantly, streamline order processes and eliminate errors: export orders in EDI format (.oex) and have it ready for production and invoicing systems.

pCon.basket PRO works with your pCon account, which means, once a pCon.basket PRO license is activated for your pCon account, you can immediately start working with the data of your suppliers.
Find information on pCon-solutions.com/basket and get a free 30-day trial.

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