Newly available on pCon.catalog: Nordic Comfort Products AS

A wide range of quality furniture from Nordic Comfort Products AS is now available to download via pCon.catalog. In the following you can read how the Norwegian manufacturer of sustainable furniture from waste material presents itself:

Image: Nordic Comfort Products AS

Image: Nordic Comfort Products AS

At Nordic Comfort Products (NCP) we invest in the environment and our future by reusing plastic and steel from the local industry and manufacture products in the same exact area. NCP was founded in 1989 at Hemnesberget, but the history goes back to Oslo, Romo Fabrikker and 1932.

Our office and production is located on the coast of Helgeland, in the Northern part of Norway. Here we design and manufacture sustainable products, where we reuse plastic from the local industry. We collect worn-out fishnets, ropes, and pipes from local fish farming companies, Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett and Nova Sea, and serve them with a new purpose as the S-1500 and Public chair and our goal is to make all our plastic chairs in recycled plastic.

>> Download the 3D CAD models from NCP here.

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