New to the pCon community: CLARUS

Configurable data from Clarus are now available to the pCon Community. In addition to OFML data, Clarus provides the pCon users with additional product images and product information to help facilitate the consulting and design process.

As a member of the community, you apply for the data directly via your manufacturer selection. You are not yet in the community? Learn here how to become a member today. Below you can read how the global manufacturer of glassboards presents itself.



Clarus was established in a garage. From a garage, to a bigger garage, to a state-of-the-art facility, Clarus’ continual exponential growth has required the company to relocate to larger facilities five times in nine years within the U.S. Now, the company that began with one wild idea has permeated not only the U.S., but other global markets.

The Clarus design team invents new ways to use the most basic form of written communication in the most modern ways. Whether it’s wall-mounted, on wheels, attached to a workstation or sliding across the wall, Clarus’ glassboards maximize existing space and provide hundreds of square feet of beautiful, writable glass.

As the leaders of the glassboard industry, Clarus is initiating a revolution – changing the way manufacturers serve customers and emphasizing how every detail of production, customization and installation establish the value of our brand. The award-winning Clarus brand challenges the interior design industry to create products that ignite imagination, creativity and teamwork in every interaction.

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