Newly available on pCon.catalog: Mobitec

A wide range of configurable 3D data from Mobitec is now available to download via pCon.catalog. In the following you can read how the Belgian manufacturer of furniture for office, object and living in general presents itself:

Image: Mobitec

Image: Mobitec

Mobitec develops high-quality tables and chairs designed for a professional use. All our furniture is customisable so that it can better match your interior design project (hospitality, office, healthcare).

We have been sharing our passion for creation since 1990!  Established at the crossroads of the borders between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, our company is international by its very nature. Our offices are located in Eupen, our production plants are located in Poland and our products are distributed in over 10 European countries.

Our particularity? Hyper-customisable chairs and tables produced “on demand”, according to your specifications, using the materials and coverings of your choice. Tables and chairs adapted to the realities of your sector.  Whether you are responsible for furnishing a restaurant, a hotel, an open space office or a healthcare centre, you are sure to find something to meet your needs in our catalogues. Strong, stackable chairs, modular tables, and coverings that comply with fire safety standards or that are easily washable.                  

In addition, our Design team develops varied collections of trendy furniture suitable for all atmospheres: intimate, high-end, refined, warm, etc. Furthermore, given that our tables and chairs are produced on demand, based on your specifications, you are in complete control and can create furniture to suit your concept. You can even customise your chairs with your own covering.

Download the Mobitec models in the pCon.catalog now!

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