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With pCon we are dedicated to developing digital transformation solutions for the Interior Design world. Finding more efficient and innovative ways of working has always been our passion!

After the success of the first English webinar, in June we offer you three more free webinars!

We’ll have tow webinar in the learning path to create better and more realistic renders – one dedicated to the creation of credible and realistic materials and the other an introduction to lighting. The remining webinar is dedicated to unveiling small pearls and unknown details in pCon.planner that will greatly increase your productivity.

Sign up today, seats are limited to 300 attendees per webinar.

June 18th 15:00 CEST
Introduction to Materials


Not all materials are created equal. Creating realistic and believable materials is one of the pillars to achieve a high render quality that manages to impress your customers. In this webinar we’ll introduce the PBR material model and overview a series of functions and good practices which will allow you to make better renders.


June 23rd 15:00 CEST
pCon.planner Tips and Tricks


You are going to be surprised to find out how many smart details and little gems are available in pCon.planner! This webinar is a concentration of tips and tricks! We’ll cover a series of less known functionalities and techniques that will have a major impact on your daily interior design activities.


June 30th 15:00 CEST
Introduction to Lighting


Light is, along with materials, one of the pillars to create realistic renderings. Understanding this element means you can create high-quality renderings that help you close business opportunities. Understanding how light is calculated is a fundamental prerequisite. pCon.planner uses a powerful next-generation Path Tracing rendering engine, featuring a powerful and realistic global lighting algorithm.

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