Now new at pCon.catalog: functional design furniture by Ocee Design

Ocee Design‘s goal is to develop products that can adapt to a wide range of needs, dreams, ambitions and budgets. These include products for acoustic shielding, seating and tables. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in Northampton, in the heart of England.

Since its inception, it has grown from a manufacturer of operating and workstation furniture to an established British furniture manufacturer with high quality designed products. During their projects they work with office furniture resellers, design and construction consultants, architects and planners. Ocee Design is part of the Ocee International Group together with Four Design and Race Furniture.

Image: Ocee Design

Image: Ocee Design

Ocee Design „Giggle“ ©Ocee Design

The furniture solutions from Ocee Design can be found in various areas: for example in canteens, libraries or universities – but also in offices. They are always used when people in larger premises need their own separate work areas. Characteristic for this are functionality, adaptability and design.

Let yourself be inspired and configure Ocee Design products for your room planning and offers in pCon.planner and in the apps and pCon.facts.

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