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PEC connects designer and consultant

Wherever complex product knowledge is concerned, the right amount of detail and focus is also required. After all, those who have access to sophisticated planning solutions during their presentation, rather than individual products, will reach their customer solution goal that much faster. Thanks to the new exchange format (PEC), planning solutions can be transferred from pCon.planner into the pCon.box – and therefore directly to the point of sale – and further edited. more…

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pCon.box Appdate! Sales Tool Brings Planning Solutions to the POS

Download pCon.box - Your App for better Consulting

Smart Presentation for Consultation-intensive Products. Planning interiors, presenting solutions – and all that exactly where the action takes place: at the point of sale. With the pCon.box, you can configure, present and share customer solutions at the tap of the screen. Plus, you’ll have all your article information with you at all times on your smartphone or tablet. In the spotlight: successful communication with your customers. Mobile OFML, expert consulting. more…

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Strength at the Point of Sale or: How to connect emotions with arguments?

Emotions sell better. Modern sales pitch, innovative technologies, new consulting? For those looking to be successful at the point of sale, there’s one thing to keep in mind: detail-oriented sales presentations. But what exactly does a “detail-oriented” presentation entail? How do you find a fitting product solution for every customer? The answer is sometimes easier said than done: One needs the right combination of competence, trust and emotion. more…

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Setting Ground for Customer Solutions – Floor Plans in pCon.box

Functionality is likely the most important aspect when it comes to office and contract furnishing. It indicates the availability of workspace and the zoning of office environments as well as features like lighting and room acoustics. But it also answers the seemingly trivial question that should be at the center of every plan: Does the desired product fit in the existing space?


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Appdate Alert! Introducing the New pCon.box

Mobile OFML, expert advice.
Plan spaces, present solutions – and all that where the action takes place: at the point of sale. With the pCon.box, you can configure, present and share your product solutions at the touch of a button, plus have all the article information you need directly on your tablet or smartphone. The focus here: successful customer communication.


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pCon at Clerkenwell Design Week

London is always worth a visit and next week there’s yet another reason to make the trip to the British capital: From May 23 – 25, the 8th edition of Clerkenwell Design Week will take place. At the heart of London, creative companies will be opening their offices, artists their studios and international brands their showrooms. EasternGraphics will also take part in this year’s Design Week.
EasternGraphics at Clerkenwell Design Week more…

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From Sales Rep to Expert Consultant

From Sales Rep to Expert Consultant sales pCon.box OFML

Your customers are human beings. Okay, okay… I know that sounds a bit obvious and somewhat strange to say, but bear with me here. What I mean is – your customers aren’t robots. They don’t fit into a standard “sales formula”, there is no mathematical equation to win them over, and you certainly can’t program them to think a certain way and buy a particular product.


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pCon.box – Appdate for Windows

pCon.box – Appdate for Windows sales pCon.box

More emotion at the point of sale. Good consulting is a key argument for success at the point of sale. Those who want to leave an impression for their customers aren’t just delivering a product. Instead, their selling a solution, and the feelings associated with it. And while people tend to choose with their emotions, they are still looking for rational arguments as well. That means the sales rep needs all the facts (article numbers, pricing etc.) at hand. With the pCon.box, emotions and rationality are closely related. Strictly speaking, they’re only as many pixels apart as the smartphone or tablet allows.


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pCon meets Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

pCon meets Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2017

Simplicity and minimalism – it’s the beauty and genius behind Scandinavian design. And for those who live and breathe interiors, there’s no better place to be than the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.


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Appdate! New Version of pCon.box Available

Put together typicals, create settings, and inspire customers. The best impression at the Point of Sale is a question of charisma and the right tools. One you already have with you, the other you can carry on your smartphone or tablet – as long as you’ve downloaded the pCon.box, of course! ;)
Appdate! pCon.box Update Available

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