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Planning Room Acoustics with pCon and CadnaR

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The noise level too high, speech intelligibility too low – the idea that room acoustics have a decisive influence on work productivity and a person’s well-being is undisputed and has long become an important topic. The question now is: How can this knowledge of acoustics be better placed within the sales process and how can customers be best advised on their way to a tailor-made solution?


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All Ears – How a Room Articulates Itself

This Friday, March 3 is World Hearing Day. More than anything, it’s a day to bring attention to the prevention of (organic) hearing impairment – but at the same time, a good segue into awareness of the topic “acoustics”. After all, in some cases, too much sound can also be problematic.


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Selling Silence: ZilenZio OFML Data Now in pCon.update

Selling Silence: Zilenzio OFML Data Now in pCon.update pCon.update OFML acoustics
Image courtesy of: Zilenzio

We often speak about furniture in regard to placement. The best layout for work place productivity, how to make the most out of a small space, which type of lighting should go where. And these are all well and good, but productivity and effectiveness can only go so far without taking sound into account. Often overlooked until it gets in the way, the acoustics of an office are vital elements when it comes to work place productivity and effectiveness.


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