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pCon.planner: Minimize File Size, Plan More Comfortably

Detailed facility designs often have a large file size – and this has an influence on the loading time of the planning. With the function “purge”, the pCon.planner offers a comfortable way, to minimize your file size. How it works can be seen in the following picture.

Minimize File Size more…

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Insider’s tips on efficient 3D planning with pCon.planner

Do you consider yourself as an expert of pCon.planner? If the answer is yes, let’s see if you know the program inside and out ;) if not, why don’t you check out our tips and tricks?


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Taking Control – Tips and Tricks for Better Planning

Taking Control – Tips and Tricks for Better Planning tips room planning pCon.planner

pCon.planner offers a wide spectrum of functions that allow users to create fantastic plans with various demands – simple, quick and professional planning. Nevertheless, you seem to run into a few annoying discrepancies during the planning process: it doesn’t matter what you try, you just can’t seem to insert the floor and the walls don’t seem to stay in place. Or maybe you don’t realize until the rendering starts that the shelf is slightly hovering over the ground or something with the room just isn’t right. To help you avoid such scenarios, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks that will help you move seamlessly through the planning process.


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The Perfect Toolbar for You

The Perfect Toolbar for You tips room planning pCon.planner
With pCon.planner, you configure and individualize products and solutions on a daily basis, and it’s likely that you’re using the same functions over and over again, right? Start – rectangle. Edit – extrude. Start – materials. Edit – assign material. Wouldn’t it be practical if you could create your own toolbar with all of the functions and tools that you use the most?


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A Little More Background on Backgrounds

Foreground – background, background – foreground. What about it? It’s all about the planning, of course! In one of our previous blogs, we encouraged you to look beyond the walls, into the background. Now, to provide you a little more background into backgrounds, so to speak, we want to show you a new way you can give your plan that extra something.

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Dimensions to a Tee — Changing Wall Thickness in pCon.planner

The floorplan is drawn and the walls are in place, but you still need to adjust the thickness of the walls. You enter the new wall thickness that you’d like…and: the room’s dimensions aren’t the same as they were before. That can be really frustrating!
Changing Wall Thickness more…

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Illumination Made Easy – New Ambient Lighting in pCon.planner 7.3

Lighting can be tricky. Not enough and your design looks dull and dreary, too much and it’s painful to look at. That’s not to mention the essential role it plays in the overall feel and look of the plan. And with such a vital element, we’re not taking any chances. It’s out with the old lighting, and in with the new!

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3 shortcuts on pCon.planner to make you lightning fast!

So you figured out how to use pCon.planner, that’s great! But what if you could double your speed – that’s right – double it. Imagine how much more work you could get done. That’s why we’ve organized 3 lightning fast shortcuts that will make you the “Superplan” of pCon.planner. more…

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