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pCon.planner 8.2 – Next Level Layout

The layout area in pCon.planner PRO is a powerful tool to create project presentations and true-to-scale print pages. The requirements for this component are manifold: It has to integrate smoothly into the workflow, external media as well as planning contents have to be processed and important project information has to be accommodated. Of course, the output of the pages should also be as easy as possible.


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Create Professional Concept Layouts with pCon.planner 7.4

Layout created with pCon.planner PRO

We all know the feeling – a quick glance at the clock, only to realize that several hours have passed as you tweaked this and that in your design. You’d like to think that the extra attention to detail and late-night coffee breaks make all the difference when it comes to the success of a design. And don’t get me wrong, they most certainly do! But the truth is, more than anything, it’s how you present the design to your customer that can really make or break the sale.


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