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How to Build a Tray in pCon.planner

A little DIY Tray - made in pCon.planner
Today’s post isn’t about offices or interior trends. Instead, I’d like to address a problem – or more positively formulated – a challenge that those working with 3D or CAD software in the interior design area have most certainly been faced with: I looked for a 3D model of a tray (or at least something that looked like one) for a private project. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. So what now? It’s time for a little DIY!


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The View from Above: Creating Mezzanines and Lofts

The View from Above: Creating Mezzanines and Lofts room planning pCon.planner construction

Nothing brings quite as much charm to a scene as being able to peer over the balcony, looking down on the open space below. Let’s face it, it worked pretty well for Romeo and Juliet ;) And we can tell you, it’s just as effective indoors as well. Whether converting an old warehouse into a residential space or creating extra room in a small apartment, lofts and mezzanines never fail to add character. If you’re looking to add this extra bit of flare to your own plans, pCon.planner has the right tools to help you do so.


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Connect lines, but not forever!

Do you use the polyline tool in pCon.planner? Then we’ve got a tip for you today!

Say you create a line in planner and, at some point, you place a second line at the end of the first. Generally, the second line will automatically snap to the first polyline, merging the elements to form one polyline. This is in fact a very useful tool for many applications.

Connect lines, but not forever! room planning pCon.planner construction


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